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  • Who can benefit from Feminine Replenish?
    Any woman suffering from vaginal dryness or atrophy regardless of age. We are seeing women in their early 30s and 40s that are now experiencing dryness, discomfort, vaginal thinning, and pain with intercourse. According to the National Institutes of Health, there are 64 million postmenopausal women in the U.S. alone. Of this number, approximately 32 million women can suffer from symptoms of vaginal dryness. The numbers of women affected are even higher if we include these two additional factors: The rising number of women in their prime who are perimenopausal experience symptoms of vaginal dryness at a much younger age than expected or the norm. The majority of women who fail to discuss this issue with their doctors due to embarrassment or the belief that their symptoms will just one day go away. Essentially the number of women affected by vulvar and vaginal atrophy, thinning, dryness, discomfort, and pain is astronomical. Women are now living almost or more than half of their lives in menopause. This means that optimal feminine health care is even more critical than ever.
  • What does Feminine Replenish actually do?
    Feminine Replenish is a pure organic botanical suppository formulated to support, nourish, and enrich delicate vaginal tissue. The emollient properties of the base and essential oils as well as vitamins are designed to assist in the softening and soothing of skin.
  • How does it work?
    Feminine Replenish is a slender and sleek, easy to insert suppository. The recommended use is to gently insert at bedtime to allow for maximum moisturization during sleep.
  • Why use a suppository instead of a topical cream?
    A cream will not directly reach the affected tissues when used topically. A suppository is more locally beneficial to the area of vaginal dryness. In Europe, suppositories are very popular for many conditions while they are not so common in the U.S. However, they are very effective in their ability to deliver a more supportive relief.
  • Is Feminine Replenish safe?
    Feminine Replenish is made with great care and integrity by a manufacturing facility in the United States that works in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), Department of Health (DOH), along with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We obtain a Certificate of Analysis for each and every ingredient before we begin production in the United States. In addition, stability testing is done at the end of each production with outstanding results.
  • How pure are the ingredients?
    At NovaBotanica, purity is our passion. All of our base ingredients and oils are organic and we have long-standing relationships with our vendors. Many companies use less expensive oils that often are inferior quality. Because we at NovaBotanica are committed to working with the finest ingredients available, we invest in extensive research, time, and funds to obtain truly premier ingredients. This results in a superior product that is pure and effective.
  • What makes Feminine Replenish unique?
    There are a few factors that make this product so unique. A standard of purity is one of them. At NovaBotanica purity is our passion, and for this reason all of our base ingredients and oils are organic. We invest more in premier ingredients in order to provide a purer and more effective product. In addition, each of the essential oils selected for Feminine Replenish has a specific function. Some are vulneraries, which are a class of botanicals that assist in skin repair by supporting tissue growth and even remodeling. Other gentle oils are beneficial in specifically nourishing dehydrated skin. Because we do not believe any synthetic should ever be introduced into a woman’s body, no chemical preservatives are added to this extremely pure product. Vitamins A, E, and the antioxidant properties of alpha lipoic acid are used to nourish and extend the shelf life of Feminine Replenish. We also do not support the palm oil trade. Companies use it because of the low cost involved in production. Organic Black Currant Seed Oil is a more expensive base oil but has remarkable anti-inflammatory effects due to its high GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and fatty acid Omega 6 levels. It is common for most women to have an imbalance with their primary estrogens or estrogen metabolites. Black Currant Seed Oil has an estrogen- balancing effect. It does not provide estrogen but helps women balance their own levels. Most of all, it is a wonderful emollient for exceptionally dry skin, including tender vaginal tissue, with literally no side effects. We have had women notice that the dry skin all over their bodies improved from just the use of Feminine Replenish.
  • What is the Key Ingredient?
    All of the ingredients in the Feminine Replenish formula work synergistically to help restore vaginal health including highly nourishing base and essential oils. However, the addition of a unique homeopathic ingredient known as Spiranthe Autumnalis specifically targets conditions of vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, burning and dyspareunia (painful sex). Spiranthes Autumnalis is from the orchid family and is also known as “Lady's Tresses.” It is a very beautiful and delicate orchid that has a distinctly feminine appearance.
  • How often will I need to use Feminine Replenish?
    This really depends on the degree of dryness and discomfort that each woman experiences. Generally, if you are entering the early phases of vaginal dryness, once a week should be adequate. However, for more serious dryness and atrophy issues, some women may do best with a suppository once a night for three nights and then can taper off to once or twice a week. You may find that you need Feminine Replenish more initially and then only once or twice a month as your symptoms improve.
  • Can I have normal sexual relations with this product?
    Yes, and in fact, most women report that it is easier for them to experience penetration with Feminine Replenish since the vaginal mucosa may become more supple. While Feminine Replenish is not designed to be used as a lubricant, some women have shared that if they use the suppository the night before or even an hour before intimacy, it is a much more pleasurable experience. Because of the quality and purity of our ingredients, this product is food safe and compatible with oral sex; however, it is not for oral consumption.
  • Can I use Feminine Replenish along with hormonal therapy?
    Because this formulation is so pure, there are no complications when combined with traditional hormonal therapy. Feminine Replenish in itself is not a hormonal treatment and is designed solely to assist in the amelioration of vaginal dryness and discomfort.
  • Are there any side effects?
    In over a decade of patient use, we have not seen any negative reactions to the gentle essential oils in the Feminine Replenish, but it is possible that some individuals are sensitive or reactive to a specific essential oil or ingredient. Because we take the well-being of our customers seriously, we ask our buyers to acknowledge that they are responsible to skin test this product 24 hours before use. Even if you are familiar with the listed ingredients, we strongly recommend that a skin test be done prior to product usage. Break a small piece of your first suppository and adhere it with a Band-Aid to the soft skin of your inner arm. After 24 hours of wearing your test patch without any reaction, you may proceed with product directions and use. Some women may experience a small amount of a vaginal oily residue the next day after using Feminine Replenish. This is normal and dependent on your need and ability to take in the emollient properties of the suppository. A panty liner the next day is recommended if needed.
  • Can Feminine Replenish cause infections?
    The beauty of using essential oils in the Feminine Replenish is that these oils are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and even antifungal in nature. Most women have an imbalanced vaginal mucosa to begin with after using antibiotics, douches, and antifungals. It is important to remember that when a woman enters a perimenopausal or menopausal state, the flora of the vagina changes and moisture decreases. This can set the stage for increased possibility of infection. Feminine Replenish along with good probiotic support may assist in the recolonization and necessary hydration of healthy mucosa. Again, to ensure purity, a Certificate of Analysis is required for every oil we use in formulation. In addition, Long Term Stability Testing for microbes is done at the end of each and every Feminine Replenish production with outstanding results. If you suspect a bacterial vaginosis or experience any unusual or unpleasant vaginal odor, it is recommended that you consult with your physician immediately.
  • Can I use if pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Because we err on the side of caution for both you and your baby, we do not recommend using Feminine Replenish if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Why do you recommend refrigeration of your product?
    Feminine Replenish is preservative-free to ensure optimal purity. There are no synthetic or chemical preservatives, and all of our products are truly botanically wholesome. Because of this level of purity, we strongly recommend refrigeration when not using your suppositories. This will greatly extend the shelf life of your investment. Most women leave one or two suppositories by their nightstands for convenience and refrigerate the rest.
  • How do I maintain optimal vaginal health after my dryness improves?
    Women have no problem moisturizing and caring for their face and neck from an early age. Little thought is ever given to maintaining vaginal suppleness. Continued usage is recommended throughout the aging process; however, many women only need to use their Feminine Replenish once or twice a month. This is a very personal choice based on how a woman feels symptomatically.
  • Can you describe the scent?
    Our users have described the scent as similar to a “chocolate rose." The scent is very soft, unobtrusive, and botanical in nature. There are no synthetic perfume scents. Feminine Replenish is very different from your typical chemically scented feminine products.
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