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Feminine Replenish is gentle, wholesome, botanical support

designed to nourish and enrich tender vaginal tissue as well as 

aid in the discomfort & dryness common in perimenopausal

and menopausal women.

Formulated with a unique homeopathic remedy, select

vitamins, pure plant base oils, and a proprietary blend of

consciously sourced essential oils to encourage a healing

environment for optimal vaginal health. 

* All of our ingredients are synthetic-free, organic, impeccably

clean, and unparalleled in quality.  

A sleek and slender, easy to use suppository,

Feminine Replenish is highly nourishing, nutritive, and discreet.



Approximately 32 million women in the U.S. alone currently

are either perimenopausal or menopausal with some degree

of vaginal dryness.

Equally, younger women in their 30s and 40s are currently

experiencing vaginal dryness and decreased ability to have

comfortable sexual intimacy.

*Many women have difficulty discussing their symptoms with

their doctors. Therefore, vaginal dryness can be considered

a silent epidemic that affects women of many ages and their

quality of life.

We at NovaBotanica are here to provide a kinder, safer, and

effective moisturizing solution for women!



Most women invest in moisturizing face and skincare products at an early age to prevent the aging process, such as wrinkles and skin atrophy. Yet rarely do women consider the condition of their vaginal tissue until they begin to experience problems.  Feminine Replenish is formulated to assist in a more natural form of effective cellular hydration without the use of any synthetic chemical ingredients. Designed to gently support, soothe, and enhance vaginal suppleness, Feminine Replenish is a premier form of personal self-care and self-love for women. 



Feminine Replenish can be used as often as needed depending on your degree of vaginal dryness. Generally, most women use one suppository weekly. Therefore, a box of 10 suppositories can easily last two and a half months. If your vaginal dryness is particularly problematic, you may need more suppositories initially, i.e. twice a week or even 2-3 nights in a row. After that, most women find once a week ideal for to maintain and support vaginal suppleness and hydration.

Gently insert one suppository at bedtime for maximum absorption. Additional instructions and information are included in your box. 



Active Ingredient: Orchid Spiranthes Autumnalis 6C for vaginal dryness.

Additional Ingredients: All base and essential oils are organic.

Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Ribes Nigrum Seed Oil (Black Currant Seed Oil), Cera Alba (Natural Beeswax), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit E), Thioctic Acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxidant), Rosa Damascena Oil, Calendula Officinalis Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (Roman Chamomile), Agonis Fragrans Oil, Matricaria Recutita Oil (German Chamomile), Salvia Sclarea Oil, Aniba Rosaeodora Wood Oil (Rosewood), Retinyl Palmitate (Vit A).



Developed and produced with great care in the United States, Feminine Replenish is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that adheres to strict FDA, DOH, HPUS and cGMP guidelines. Stability tested to ensure purity.



Not for use if sensitive or allergic to any essential oils or listed ingredients. See below.



We take the well-being of our customers seriously.  Even if you are familiar with all listed ingredients, we strongly recommend that a skin test be done prior to product usage.  Apply a small piece of product to the soft skin of your inner arm and cover with a Band-Aid. If after 24 hours there is no negative reaction, you may proceed with product directions and use. 

Feminine Replenish

  • Testimonial

    DR. BETTY WOOD M.D., Massachusetts

    During their development, I had been given samples of the Feminine Replenish Suppository. The natural fragrance of the beeswax and herbs bespoke a pure and wholesome product. I found them soothing and pleasurable to use; everything just felt better. I have been looking for an organic, natural, hormone-free product to recommend to my patients with vaginal dryness - and this is it!


    JANE A., Columbia MD

    As a cancer survivor, I can truly say that this product is awesome! It is gentle, nourishing and enhances my sexual experience. I went through menopause while I was doing chemo, and Feminine Replenish really helped me feel like a woman! I love this product so much that I continue to recommend it to other women. You will love this product.


    K.M. California

    I can't say enough great things about Feminine Replenish.  I was having a very hard time with symptoms of perimenopause and doctors were not understanding my explanations and even misdiagnosing me with autoimmune disorders.  Luckily, someone recommended Feminine Replenish to me and it was like night and day.  I rely upon them and am so grateful that Dr. May created this product.  I used to tell anyone who would listen that a shrine should be built to the woman who invented these. Your eternally grateful customer.

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