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DR. BETTY WOOD M.D. | Massachusetts

During their development, I had been given samples of the FEMININE REPLENISH suppository. The natural fragrance of the beeswax and herbs bespoke a pure and wholesome product. I found them soothing and pleasurable to use; everything just felt better. I have been looking for an organic, natural, hormone-free product to recommend to my patients with vaginal dryness - and this is it!


J.M. | Idaho

I had no idea how amazing this product was or the amount of love and dedication that has been put into it. Your site is wonderful! Thank you for the Q&A, it is very informative and helpful.

For a number of years, I’ve had severe vaginal dryness. This is a combination of age, Lupus and Sjogren’s. I’ve been to numerous physicians and have tried numerous products to bring back normal, healthy vaginal tissue.  A product that would help prevent tissue tearing during intercourse. None have worked so far. 

Feminine Replenish is the first product that I have used that has brought moisture and healthy tissue back where it belongs.  Intercourse is no longer painful! It’s amazing. What I also love about Feminine Replenish is its quality. I love that it is organic and manufactured here in the United States. Thank you for bringing youth back to my body.


P.K. | New York

This is a beautiful product that provides an innovative way to feel comfortable and confident about my body. It is easy to use and there is a lovely essence that is subtle, light, pure and clean in its fragrance. Feminine Replenish is markedly restorative and extremely natural. I am very happy with it.


JANE A. | Columbia, Maryland

As a cancer survivor, I can truly say that this product is awesome! It is gentle, nourishing and enhances my sexual experience. I went through menopause while I was doing chemo and FEMININE REPLENISH really helped me feel like a woman! I love this product so much that I continue to recommend it to other women. You will love this product.


W.F. | Southern California 

FEMININE REPLENISH has made a significant difference in my well-being, both physically and emotionally. I would recommend this product to all women who experience dryness. Sexual intercourse had become painful due to menopausal symptoms. With this product, I now feel like my younger, vital self, from the lubrication it gives me. I feel as I did prior to menopause. I used the Feminine Replenish before ever taking bio-identical hormones and it was very helpful. Now having needed the bio-identical hormones, my comfort is even more enhanced. The hormones alone were not enough to give me the desired comfort during intercourse. I tried many other products on the market and none were as effective as Feminine Replenish. The scent is a natural, and lovely, rather than a synthetic smell and my boyfriend likes it, too. It's easy to use and small for travel. I would definitely recommend this to all women for personal and sexual comfort.


C.P.  | North Carolina

I went to my gynecologist probably 5 or 6 years ago with complaints of vaginal dryness.  He gave me a prescription for something that had so many side effects I wouldn't take it.  One day I was sharing my dryness concerns with a good friend who thankfully guided me your way.  I had been using another natural cream that was causing burning and itching (and pain) and you right away said that there was an ingredient in it that I was most likely allergic to.  Ever since then I have been using the FEMININE REPLENISH suppository with great success.  I started out using one per night the first month and it got everything healed up.  Now I use 1 every 3 days with great success.  I can't thank you enough for caring for the woman who suffer from this problem as we mature.  As they say 'Oh What A Relief It Is'.  One of the pleasures I used to take for granted is back in my life again. Thanks So Much!




DEBBIE | Costa Rica

I was given a 2 dram vial of NovaBotanica SKIN PROTECT as a gift. I am a 54 year-old woman who essentially lives outdoors year round with a lot of sun exposure, near the equator. As I used up the little 2 dram vial, I had already noticed a change in the texture of the skin on my face...and only used sparingly at night. I had been using an argon oil based night cream, which was wonderful, but the NovaBotanica product was even better! I ordered a full sized bottle, and now I am noticing fine wrinkles disappearing and the red superficial blood vessels that seemed to crop up overnight when I turned 50, are starting to fade as well! I really noticed it the other day when I used a magnifying mirror to pluck my eyebrows! WOW, thanks NovaBotanica for providing such a fabulous product that works with nature and is free of harmful chemicals.


YVONNE | California

Finally, a skin product that actually does what it claims. I started using SKIN PROTECT two months ago and I fell in love with it from the start. After applying SKIN PROTECT in the morning, my skin stays moist all day. I do not have to apply more than one time a day, as I’ve had to do with all other moisturizers I’ve ever used. And, I don’t need anything else with it. The best part is watching my freckles fade in such a short period of time.





F.V.  I  Los Angeles, CA 

My family has been using NovaBotanica's Respiratory Protect for many years.It is a fantastic product and a staple in our home medicine cabinet.We use it during cold and flu season and every time we fly. My 94 year old mother's caregivers swear by it.Thank you for developing such an excellent product.




SARAH  I  San Francisco, CA 

I suffered a severe 2nd degree burn to my stomach from boiling water. The burn was about the size of a whole dollar bill and the skin had melted right off. I went to the ER and they sent me home with a Silvadine cream. The cream did protect the wound from infection but 2 weeks later there was very minimal healing happening. I was lucky at this point to have a friend give me a tin of the NovaBotanica Burn Relief.

I  started using the Burn Relief for my second degree burns. The healing was actually happening slowly prior to using BUT after 2 days of the ointment, its totally healed!!!!!!!! Been using it and it is working wonders! Thank you so much! The skin is healed now it looks like I may not even have scar. I am so grateful for this magical product!




As an actress I need to take exceptional care of my skin. Skin R&R is really amazing and I have seen results far superior to anything else I have ever used. This is an amazing product. I love it and will never be without it.









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